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Curated collection – Dinosaurs!


I chose to curate a collection all about dinosaurs in Learnist. For me, this digital curation tool seemed the easiest way to combine a variety of different media (images, links to articles, Youtube videos, and Pinterest posts) into one collection. This board compiles digital resources to help elementary school students learn more about different types of dinosaurs, their physical features, diets, habitats, reasons for extinction, and more!


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LIS 635 Essential Question

My essential question is ‘How can I synthesize digital tools and hands-on learning to create engaging children’s programming in school and public libraries?’  I picked this question because I love working with children in the public library and am interested in discovering ways to blend traditional children’s library programs with 21st century tech skills. Through my shadowing opportunities in public libraries this semester, I hope to learn more about how  elementary school media centers incorporate digital tools into their traditional library lessons to help children succeed while still having fun.


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