App Smashing tech tasks

I played around with my own app smashing using Voki and Tellagmi. Both were pretty similar in that you created your own avatar to do the talking for you. While it was a cute idea, I thought the avatars were pretty annoying and because the people were so big, it made it seem like there was more emphasis on the avatars than on the message you were trying to convey. I guess it worked well for my app smashes since I was talking about a rather light topic – the Halloween Family Story Time at Davidson Public Library. If I had been talking about anything anymore serious, the frivolity of the avatars would have really undermined my message. Nevertheless, they were both really easy to put together. Just upload one original picture, record a 30 second (tellagmi) or 60 second (Voki) message, and then build your avatar as you’d like and you’re done. I wish you could have recorded longer messages for each. Because of the brevity of each, I highly doubt I’ll be using this for my final app smashing project.

Here’s my Voki

Here’s my Tellagami

I also created a couple app smashes in Thinglink, also inspired from the Halloween family story time. No one thought to video tape my performance of Humbug Witch nor the process for how to make slime. So I decided to smash together an image of me doing these things with a video describing how someone else did the same thing.

Here’s my Thinglink for Humbug Witch 

Here’s my Thinglink for making slime 


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  1. I agree with your critique of both Tellagami and Voki. They’re pretty easy to figure out but the avatar does overshadow any intended serious message, the messages are brief, and there are not enough options to portray curly hair. I guess it’s the novelty of it or perhaps it would capture the attention of a younger audience. If I use narration for my app smash I’ll probably go back to VoiceThread.

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