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I am creating a blend space to teach youth services librarians how to put together an effective winter story time for preschoolers and their parents using stories, songs, finger plays, crafts, and technology apps. It’s very important that youth services librarians know how to not only put together a well balanced story time appropriate for the age of their attendees, but it’s especially important that they know how to lead a story time in ways that teaches the parents early literacy skills to try with their children at home. Using a blend space, I will be able to combine resources curated from a variety of sites which story time presenters can draw from in creating their own plan, including: YouTube videos of songs and finger plays, Pinterest examples of crafts and books to read, various librarians and parents’ blogs with suggestions and ideas and more. My biggest concern is finding enough information on this topic to curate together.


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  1. I look forward to viewing your blend space. Your topic is one of interest and importance. I used blend space as well so I’ll be interested to now how it worked for you. I was 90% happy with it. Websites loaded slowly for me. Good Luck!

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